The cycling routes you will enjoy during your holiday in Poland, and across the border in Slovakia, will at times leave you breathless; sometimes from the area’s natural beauty and sometimes… as a cyclist you will know! Zakopane sits in the foothills of the beautiful Tatra mountains, and so as you may expect, there are some challenging hills to be climbed, swiftly followed by long and winding downhill sections. The undulating roads in this region of Poland offer some strenuous and challenging cycling, therefore, the holidays we offer in Zakopane are mostly suited to fit and experienced cyclists.

Cycling near Zakopane with White Side Holidays Poland

We strongly recommend booking with a group of cyclists of a similar ability, or at least a group you cycle with regularly, so that you know each other well enough to be patient when required. Training back home before your trip is obviously a key ingredient to getting the most out of your Polish cycling holiday.

Our selected routes are challenging but they can still be ridden at your own pace, allowing you and your group to enjoy the experience of cycling somewhere new and exciting without any time restraints. You do not have to cycle everyday of course, it is your holiday and you call the shots. If some, or all of your group want a day off, or would like a shorter ride plotting for the day, then it can be done.

Cycling towards Zakopane with White Side Holidays Poland